Flights by balloon take off as dawn breaks over the Serengeti, the perfect silence of the early morning plains broken only by the soft roar of the balloon. Far below, wildebeest scatter, giraffe stand next to acacia trees, and elephants drink from the waterhole, untroubled by the airborne visitors. After the thrill of landing, a champagne breakfast awaits, Out of Africa style, the air becoming warmer as the sun climbs in the sky.
Horse and camel rides

Horse and camel rides

Day rides are available from a few camps in Tanzania, for all standards of rider, and game animals are not afraid of horses in the same way that they are of cars or pedestrians, allowing visitors to approach the wildlife much more closely than usual.

Mountain biking

For the fit and adventurous, mountain biking through the African landscape is truly an exciting experience. Avoid roads and traffic and ride through deserts and forests, up mountains and down valleys, through tiny villages and bustling market towns, into the true wilderness past herds of antelope, giraffe, and zebra.

Mountain climbing and hiking

For most climbers who visit Tanzania, the 5,869 m Kilimanjaro is the top prize. Mt Meru, another of Tanzania’s volcanic peaks, is also popular, with the varied animal and plant life to be found on its slopes being a major draw. The challenging ascent to the crater of Ol Donyo Lengai passes through some fantastic scenery, with panoramic views of the Rift Valley.

Night Game Drives

The bush is a completely different world at night which is what makes night drives so special. Manyara National Park is currently the only national park that allows this activity, an exciting once in a lifetime experience. At night animals behave quite differently than during the day, and you never know who you might encounter on a night out.

Walking in the wild

A walk through the African bush is a wonderful way to experience Africa intimately. Smells and sounds become distinct and varied, and smaller creatures gain significance. They are no longer simply rushed past in the race for the bigger game. When larger animals do appear, they are met at eye level; the land is truly shared between humans and animals. Safety is not an issue – all walks are accompanied by armed, experienced guides and game rangers.