Impact On Our Society

Gideon Tanzania Safari uses revenues from tourism for the benefit of local staff, economy, community, and environment. This is our impact so far:

Social impact human and labor rights:

We are very proud of our impact in this field as we are contributing to strengthening human and labor rights in Tanzania. It is a human right to earn staff wages, have good working conditions, and not depend on tips from travelers who have no idea about life here in Tanzania. None of our staff is tip dependent and we are famous for our impact on the lives of Gideon Tanzania staff and their extended families, who benefit from the highest salary levels ever paid consistently.

Besides Kilimanjaro porters and other staff working for you, they enjoy fair salaries too. This is to ensure they are not dependent on tips from you, which puts them in an unequal position from start. We promote equality and as travelers, we all know that the best traveling experiences happen when we feel connected and on equal terms with the people we visit.

Stopping tip dependency in the traveling industry ensures human rights for staff and quality of experience as you avoid feeling like a wandering ATM-machine. This is the innovative social impact Gideon Tanzania Safari is part of in Tanzanian tourism and we know it makes sense to visit any other destination in the same way.