Sustainability is key and for this reason we have chosen to channel profits from your adventures to carbon tanzania. The specific project is called: reduction of deforestation in north of tanzania and all our national parks in Tanzania

Here are some highlight of the impact of that project from different perspectives:


1 Avoided deforestation and degradation of 20,790ha Acacia-Commiphora woodland.

2 Prevent poaching of wildlife.
3 Protection of native bio-diversity, flora and fauna.



1 Direct income for villagers who guard, measure and monitor the project area.

2 Protection of land rights for the Wahadza people, one of the last remaining hunters and gatherers tribes in Africa.
3 To educate communities on the ecological and livelihood benefits of conservation.
4 Improved land use planning and management.
5 Training in improved agricultural techniques to avoid slash and burn agriculture.
6 Your money benefits local communities and help them realize the value of our environment.
7 Gideon Tanzanai Safari all water from your adventures are off-set locally at no extra charge.


Our people are proud to work for a company that benefit themselves and local communities and the environment.